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Our aim is to provide a positive and pro-active experience for visitors and listing owners alike. However, due to recent changes in a certain search-engine's indexing policy, we are receiving an increase in direct threats from many people who are misunderstanding their policy, or making knee-jerk decisions without fully understanding the consequences. These are ranging from unwarranted and invalid DMCA take-notices to threats of personal and physical harm if we don't remove certain listings immediately.


While we will remove listings for free that follow the correct procedure, as outlined in our submission terms that you agree to when you make your listings, anyone making direct threats of any nature, will either be completely ignored (depending on the nature of the threat), or will be asked to pay for our time to remove the listing.

Below are listed examples of threats and how we will deal with them, as well as further information regarding listing removal procedures.

DMCA, Copyright Notices and Abuse

DMCA Notices and 'abuse' claims in relation to website linking are completely invalid.

International and US Federal law is clear in that it is NOT illegal to link to any website, with or without the website owner's permission. The only exception to this is where the link points to a website that is hosting, or providing content that falls under copyright or patent law, for which there are legal precedents in place. As such, the destination site would also fall under the purview of the law. However, we would never knowing link to such sites in the first place and actively refuse listing submission that link to such sites.

When we refuse to act upon invalid DMCA threats, the usual next step for the complainer is to complain to our host. As such, we specifically contacted our host regarding their policy and they advised that their response to anyone attempting to file a DMCA notice or abuse claim with them with regarding to website linking would be replied to as follows :
  • "..... simple hyper-links to other websites or web-pages do not represent violations of our acceptable use policy or U.S. Federal law. As such, we cannot take a position on this issue and will be unable to facilitate their removal."
Additionally, in another email to us they added :
  • "..... You may decline such requests about removing links to someone else website. You can link to anywhere."

Hacking or DOS Attack Threats

We have received several direct threats claiming that they will prevent access to our site by either hacking, or issuing DOS (Denial of Service) type threats if we do not remove their listings. All threats of this nature will be completely ignored.

Should you attempt such an attack, you should note that when we receive an email from you, either by direct email or through our website contact form, we are able to ascertain your computer IP address, email provider and locale. You should understand that in the event of such an attack, all of these details will be provided to the relevant authorities.

Use of Disavow Tools

We receive many uninformed threats to use various search-engine provided 'disavow' tools from people that simply do not understand what the tool does, or what it is for. Our advise is to go ahead and use them if you wish, as their use does not affect us in anyway whatsoever. Indeed, it can actually harm your own site when they are overused.

For the uninformed and misguided, what these tools do is simply remove any association the linked site has with the linking site and ignores any link-juice (good or bad) between those sites.

Threats of Personal Harm

Quite simply, threats of this nature will be passed directly to the authorities and completely ignored by us.

Submission Removal or Alterations

We are always happy to remove listings upon request, provided the tone of the request is not abusive or of a threatening nature. We will ALWAYS respond to polite requests, as long as the correct procedures detailed below are adhered to and will always reply to such requests to confirm a listing has been removed, or to request further information from your to ascertain your identity as the listing owner.

Listing removal can be facilitated only under any of the following three ways :
  • Using the 'Mark Link for Removal' option on submission forms (For registered users only that were logged in at the time of original submission).
  • An email request from the original email address as supplied at the time the listing was made.
  • An email request from an email address associated to the domain of the listing.
Under no circumstances will ANY other request for listing removals be considered.

Free removal requests from non-registered users may take up to 60 days to be actioned.

All email requests must not contain any threats whatsoever, otherwise they will be completely ignored.

We do not undertake listing removal or change requests originating from our website contact form under any circumstances, as there is no way to verify the sender as the true listing owner. However, you may make an initial contact using that form and we will reply with more information on how a listing change or removal can be facilitated.

Search Engine Policy

It should be clarified that search-engine policy is not law and is designed only to protect their own long-term business interests and goals. The more people fall into the traps those policies create, the more powerful the search-engines become and then in turn, creating more restrictions to successful internet marketing campaigns.

Recent updates to some search engine's listing policies are no different than forcing a business to only advertise one advert on one TV channel, or only allowing to place an ad in only one newspaper or magazine.

In the long-term, this policy is not only harmful to business, but for small and medium sized businesses, could be the difference between success and failure. Once a search-engine has a monopoly and can dictate when, how and where you can advertise / market your services, they can then also dictate your business future and control the entire internet marketing arena.

DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Write to your MP's and relevant authorities, as well as the search-engines themselves and complain about their abhorrent and self-serving policies.

In terms of privacy, monopoly and listings, certain governmental organisations (such as the European Commission) are investigating certain search-engines. They claim that some of their policies and activities 'may be' illegal, or in the very least constitute unfair business practice.

Some search-engines will penalise web directories for containing paid listings, yet are content to list paid listings in their own results.

Additionally, any search engine that will penalise websites for any reason, yet will list sites of a dubious nature themselves, whilst giving itself the highest available page-rank, certainly shows the one-sided nature of it's policies. Often, the sites they list in their own results contain content that falls foul of their own Acceptable Use Policy that they impose on others, such as gambling, narcotics, smoking and alcohol. Additionally, a great many of the sites listed in search-engine results contain, or point to illegal or stolen copyright protected content (such as 'torrent' type sites or sites selling counterfeit goods or software).
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